We do the Testing

It’s just frustrating!  You spend a lot of time looking for a design for your next project.  You find one that will work.  You fill your cart and click the “purchase” button.  You get that satisfied feeling that you are one step closer to another completed embroidery project……until you stitch it out.  It’s then that you get the sneaking suspicion that no one…no person…has stitched out this design before…at least, no one who cares about embroidery pet peeves.  One of our customers remarked that they had purchased a design from an online designer only to discover that they needed to cut 23 jump stitches!  Or, they broke several needles because the design was too dense.  Or, you can see material between parts of the stitch out.   And the list continues…   Oh, yeah, by the way, there is my sister, who also uses designs from other sites and lets me know when something hasn’t worked right.   I know, I’m just a little biased towards Sonia’s work.   (Hey, I’ve got to live with her!)

As Sonia creates a design, she always has the customer at heart.  First of all, her designs are her artwork.    None of them originate as clipart or put through an auto-digitize program.   This means that we don’t have other artists/digitizers contacting us about copying their work.  Every one of her designs begin in the mind of Sonia.  (She’s kind of like a mad scientist that way.  So….would that make me mini-me?  Hmmm…)  Sorry.  I’m back now.

When designing, Sonia makes sure to avoid as many jump stitches as possible.  You’ll usually only have one or less.   Or less??!!  That would be zero!  We have had many of you tell us that after stitching out the design, you couldn’t tell the front from the back.  Sonia likes hearing about that!  And when Sonia is happy, you know who is happy, too.  By the way, thank you for sharing good results with her creations.  We love hearing your success stories and posting your pics.

Before a design is ever posted at SoniaShowalterDesigns.com they are stitched out many times.  Sonia will experiment with different fabrics or thread colors, etc. until she is satisfied with the results.  So, if there’s a problem with the design file, she will be the first one to know about it, and it gets fixed immediately.  It is only posted when she is completely pleased with everything about the design.  (I know, it’s a miracle anything gets posted with her approval.  I’m not saying she’s picky, cause she married me.  But, she is very particular about the quality of design she displays to the world.)

If there is ever a problem with one of her designs, you can be assured that it is probably not the design file.  Problems most often occur due to stabilizer choice, needle size, or a hooping glitch.  About twice a year, we get a customer whose download may have become corrupted.  No problem, just go to your “My Orders” page and download it again.  Voila!  Now it works.

You’ll notice that the title of this blog is “WE do the testing”.   That’s right.  As well as getting to work with all of you with embroidery issues, Sonia has taught me how to use her embroidery machines so I can do some of the preliminary testing, however, she still oversees everything  and is always within earshot of the machine.   It’s amazing how she can catch the tiniest issue by the slightest change in the sound of the machine! So, I approach every design as a novice would.  I ask her questions and let her know of any issues I’m having.  (So, for any of you who are afraid to try free-standing lace for the first time, use Sonia’s designs, follow the supplied instructions, and you’ll be amazed just like me.)

You have many other things in your life that frustrate you.  An embroidery design shouldn’t be one of them.  Choose wisely, young Padawan!

My first stitch out!

My first stitch out!