Zip Instructions

Design downloads include all of the formats listed with each design description. 

SOME designs will require unzipping the download more than once to reveal the separate formats.

You can see the format label in the name of the file.

For example, the downloaded file may be named like this:  

Heirloom Roses Needle Keeper

If unzipping it reveals a second set of zips, they will have the name of each format near the end of the file name, like this. ( Highlighted in red here so you can see more easily what I mean):


At this point, you can hold the control key down and select all the formats you want to delete, and hit, delete.

Choose the format you need and unzip it to extract the embroidery and text files. 


Some designs will only need to be unzipped once to reveal the embroidery file, ready to be used.

All designs include a text file with directions and color list.


Most computers can unzip a file by highlighting it and right clicking it; select the extracting software from your particular list and follow the prompts.

Sometimes, even double clicking it will bring up the list.

That's it!

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