Do you ever have sales?

      I have chosen to offer free designs for a short period of time rather than have sales.

      I have many customers who purchase my designs as soon as they are released. I don't want to be unfair.

      I am much more comfortable showing my appreciation by offering high quality, free designs that all can benefit from.

      You can purchase with confidence knowing you will not be kicking yourself later because those items have gone on sale.

Do you issue refunds?

      Since these are electronic files rather than tangible merchandise, we are not able to issue refunds because there can't be an exchange of funds for an actual item.

      If a file is found to be corrupt, we will be happy to resend the same file as replacement.

      If a duplicate purchase is made by mistake, a refund will be made with proof of both purchases.

Are you going to bundle the alphabets and sell them as sets?

      No, the monogram letters will remain as singles.  However, the coordinating lower case will remain as sets.

Do you use clipart?

      No, I use all of my own artwork. Actually, almost everything is done " free hand" directly on the software screen.

Do you do custom work?

      Do to lack of time, I am no longer able to do custom work. I do consider suggestions and will sometimes add them to my, " To Do" list. It's not a guarantee that all suggestions  
      will get done, but they will certainly be considered. I wish I didn't have to sleep...I could get so much more done!

How long have you been digitizing?

      I started digitizing in 2002...hard to believe it's been that long! I love designing!

What digitizing sofware do you use?

      I use the Bernina Designer Plus. I started with V.2 and we are now up to V.6.

Do I have permission to sell items with your designs on them? TOP

     Absolutely!  Please see, " Terms and Copyright" link at the bottom of the page.

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