Terms & Copyright

Copyright and Permissions

Thank you for trying this design from Sonia Showalter Designs.

These designs are copyrighted and are for use only by the person who originally purchased/ordered them. 

Copying and sharing files is illegal, whether the design was purchased or free of charge:

No person is authorized to copy or distribute any of the files, videos, or images, found on this site. If you would like others to view something from this site, please send a page link.

Sharing these files with friends, family members, or with a company you have contracted to stitch for you, is prohibited.

Transforming these designs into anything other than what is provided in the original work, is a violation of copyright and not permitted. 
For example, changing embroidery designs to: Vector (cuttable files), Photoshop brushes, printable images or, changing printable files to: embroidery or clip art.

Converting to a format your machine can read is allowed since that is not changing the purpose of the original work.


This means, any changes that will affect the original design, such as removing parts, adding parts,

and anything else that will change the original features of the design.

Combining designs, such as adding lettering, repeating, rotating, mirror imaging is permitted.

Resizing is allowed but is not recommended due to the intricacy of these designs.

These designs have been created for an optimal stitching experience. 

However, we will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of our designs.

Delivery: All orders are delivered via instant download.

Login to your account and click, “My Orders” to navigate to the download link or links.

Due to the digital nature of these products, there are no refunds since files can not be exchanged or returned. This is the industry standard. Credit will be given only for duplicate purchases.
If the file has become corrupt, please go back to "My Orders" and download it again at no additional charge.

Companies engaged in large scale production
are not permitted to use these designs for such productions without written permission. Interested parties should contact us for more information.

For the hobbyist embroiderer

Selling of finished items is permitted, however, each item for sale requires that written credit be given to Sonia Showalter, on an attached tag.

Credit should state: "Embroidery designed by Sonia Showalter".

If selling online, credit should be clearly stated with each design description.

Credit should state: "Embroidery designed by Sonia Showalter".


We work hard to provide original, high quality designs. Thank you for respecting our terms of use.


I understand these are digital files and are not tangible items.

I understand that due to the digital nature of these files, there are no refunds.

I understand copying and sharing these files is a violation of copyright as stated above.

Placing this order means that I have read, understand, and agree with these terms.

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