Tree of Life II Alphabet- U
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This alphabet is being released one letter at a time. Each letter will be free of charge (excep "A"), until the next letter is released.
Important: The letter "A", is not be free of charge.

Please understand that charging for a different letter in each of the alphabets will only cause confusion and more work for us.
Also, the point of reserving one letter as a purchase only design, is to help support my effort in continuing to offer these alphabets.


ALL other letters of this alphabet will be released free of charge until the next letter is released.
You will be able to collect them whether or not you purchase the letter "A".


Please Read: We do our best to send out announcements, however, we are not responsible for missed letters.
We suggest you check the site often.

If you enjoy my work, please help spread the word. 
I truly appreciate it!

Thank you so much and happy stitching my friends!!

3 Colors (The sample shown was done in 2 colors)
There are no jumps in this design.

H: 3.9 X W: 3.9  (This design is set on the diagonal and fits in the 4x4 hoop)

The stitched out design measures 5.5 x 5.5 inches.

Stitches: 21864

Special Note: Sharing any file from this website is a violation of copyright and at the very least,
will result in the member's account being locked and your name possibly distributed to all other digitizers.

Download includes all of these formats:



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